Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

Course Descriptions

Accident Investigation Courses
Advanced Collision Investigation Course
Advanced Telecommunicator School
ASP Baton Instructor Recertification Courses
Basic Criminal Investigations Courses
Baton Instructor Certification Course
Baton Instructor Recertification Course
Bicycle Maintenance for the Bicycle Patrol Officer Course
Bicycle Patrol Officer Conference and Competition
Bicycle Patrol Officer Course
Bicycle Patrol Officer Instructor Course
Bicycle Patrol Officer Recertification Course
Cell Insertion & Extraction Training/Use of the Restraint Chair
Chemical Munitions Instructor Recertification School
Chemical Munitions Instructor School
Child Abduction Response & Search Protocols
Computer/Internet Related Courses
Correctional Training Officer In-Service Courses
Court Security Courses
Defensive Tactics Instructor Course
Defensive Tactics Instructor Recertification Course
Dignitary Protection Courses
Field Training Officer Courses
Firearms Instructor Certification Courses
Firearms Instructor Recertification Courses
Firearms Related Courses
Firearms: Patrol Rifle Courses
First Line Supervision Courses
High Speed Pursuit Courses
Instructor Development Courses
Internal Affairs Courses
Interviews & Interrogations
Investigation of Financial Crimes Courses
Jail Basic 40-Hour Courses
Jail Basic Temporary Holding Facility School
Jail In-Service 20-Hour Courses
Jail Medication Management Courses
Jail School Misc.
Jail Temporary Holding Facility In-Service School
Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist Training
Less Lethal Munitions Instructor Course
Less Lethal Munitions Instructor Recertification Course
Media Relations Courses
Medical Training Courses
Meeting the ILEA Record Requirements Courses
Mental Health First Aid Courses
Mental Health In-Service Training
Oleoresin Capsicum Instructor Certification Courses
Oleoresin Capsicum Instructor Recertification Courses
Open Sight Rifle Instructor Courses
Open Sight Rifle Instructor Recertification Courses
OWI / Implied Consent & SFST Update Courses
OWI Detection & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing / Certification through Examination
Precision Driving Instructor Courses
Precision Driving Instructor Recertification Courses
Proctoring of the MMPI-2 & POST Tests Courses
Radar/Laser Instructor Certification Courses
Radar/Laser Instructor Recertification Courses
Retired Officer Firearms Qualification Courses
Sniper/Observer Rifle Courses
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor Certification Courses
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor Recert Courses
Sub-Gun Instructor Recertification Course
TASER Instructor Certification Courses
TASER Instructor Recertification Courses
TASER Use Of Force - Management Course
Technical Collision Investigation Course
Telecommunicator - Communication Supervisor Management Courses
Telecommunicator - Communications Training Officer Courses
Telecommunicator Basic 40-Hour Courses
Telecommunicator In-Service 8-Hour Courses
Update In-Service Courses
Verbal Judo