Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

 Course Descriptions

5-Star Leadership Courses

Purpose:  The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy’s 5-Star Innovation Leadership Program creates an ongoing and foundational learning experience for key organizational leaders. The 5-Star Innovation Leadership Program provides leadership concepts for the advancement of innovational strategies to meet today’s law enforcement challenges through executive development and organizational transformation.

Program Outline:  The program invites nationally recognized leadership trainers to provide the latest advancements in leadership concepts. Past and current presenting organizations include the International Chiefs of Police – Leadership of Police Organizations (PLO) and Leading by Legacy, FBI-LEEDA Trilogy Program, Partners In Law Enforcement (PLE) – Strategic Leadership, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) – Situational Leadership, and others committed to providing the utmost in innovational and professional leadership.

Each leadership session is self-contained and trains to a specific leadership and organizational discipline. Each session has a duration of 24 to 40 hours.  Completion of each session results in the recognition and presentation of an Iowa Law Enforcement Academy One-Star Leadership Innovation Award.

Completion of five of these sessions designates the recipient as a Five-Star Innovation Leader and provides the recipient with the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy’s Five-Star Innovation Leader Award. This award is presented to the recipient in their home jurisdiction, (i.e. City Council, Board of Supervisors, Administrative Council, etc.)

After completion of the initial Five-Star Innovation Leader Award and knowing leadership advancement is a lifelong investment and pursuit, 5-Star leaders are invited to complete additional leadership phases through the obtainment of the:  Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Levels of Leadership Awards.

Upcoming leadership opportunities include: