Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

Course Descriptions

Bicycle Patrol Officer Conference and Competition

These programs allow bike officers from throughout the state to come together for a tactical skills refresher and networking opportunity. The purpose of the conference is to enhance the officer's bike handling skills, patrol tactics and officer survival. Classroom sessions include bicycle survival, what's new in equipment, and the importance of fitness. The outside obstacle courses will refine the officers riding skills. The purpose of the competition is to allow officers the opportunity to compete with fellow officers in a series of fun but challenging timed courses and be able to display their individual bicycle talents. The bicycle officer firearms qualification course will be completed and scored as part of the competition. Whether you are new to the bicycle program or an experienced rider, you should find the conference and competition both educational and challenging. Participants will renew, rethink and re-energize their dedication to the bicycle programs in their communities while networking to build new resources.