Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

Course Descriptions

Less Lethal Munitions Instructor Recertification Course

This one-day class is designed to provide participants with updated knowledge, tactics and techniques that will prepare him/her to train end users in the deployment and use of kinetic energy impact projectiles and distraction devices.

Required Equipment:

• Eye and ear protection
• Duty gear normally utilized when deploying Less Lethal Munitions/Distraction Devices
• Body Armor Required (Concealable or Tactical Vest)
• Flame-resistant gloves
• Gas mask
• Handcuffs to include key
• Baton with holder
• Gas Launcher 37mm / 40mm (Mandatory) One or Both
• 12 Gauge used to deploy Less Lethal projectiles

Prerequisites: Each attendee must be in good physical condition and able to perform the practical exercises associated with tactical applications with the use of these products.