Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

Course Descriptions

Cell Insertion & Extraction Training/Use of the Restraint Chair

This 12 hour course will offer participants an opportunity to engage in dynamic training scenarios and applications of Cell Insertion and Extraction Techniques and Restraint Chair Techniques in a realistic environment under strict observation and safety being a priority.

This is not a typical classroom presentation. We will go into a housing unit and work in and around the obstacles that we encounter on a daily basis. Participants will return to their agencies and with practical experience to introduce these techniques immediately into your Tactical Toolbox.

Space is limited but entire teams are welcomed, as well as individuals are encouraged to attend.

Individuals are asked to bring the following:

Hand and Leg Restraints
Protective Equipment (if available)
  · Gloves
  · Eye protection
  · Groin Protection
  · Mouth Protection
  · Entry Equipment (leg guards, protective vest, helmets)

This training is physically strenuous in nature and participation is mandatory.