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Postal Mailing Address:
Iowa Law Enforcement Academy
P.O. Box 130
Johnston, IA 50131
Phone: 515.331.5778
Fax: 515.727.3036

Street Address:
Iowa Law Enforcement Academy
7105 NW 70th Avenue
Burma Road - Bldg. 4640
Johnston, IA 50131

 Judy Bradshaw  Academy Director 515-331-5766
 Rachael Krier  Academy Asst. Director 515-331-5767
 Jerry Ingrisano  Academy Asst. Director 515-331-5768
   Public Service Manager   515-331-5769
 Phil Cross  General L.E. Instructor 515-331-5783
 Devon Greiter  Human Trafficking Coordinator 515-331-5784
 Haley Nichols eLearning Instructor  515-331-5757
 Daniel Lentsch  General L.E. Instructor 515-331-5754
   Telecommunicator Instructor   515-331-5758
 John Metzger  Firearms Instructor
 Bryan Michelsen General L.E. Instructor  515-331-5756
 Russell Rigdon  Legal Instructor 515-331-5782
 Jennifer Swim General L.E. Instructor  515-331-5785
 Brian Thompson  General L.E. Instructor 515-331-5753
 Keith Varner  General L.E. Instructor 515-331-5786
 Laurie Bolsenga  Executive Assistant to Director 515-331-5770
 Chris Bregar  Basic Academy 515-331-5781
 Dan Dubreuil  Night Contact 515-331-5778
 Kathryn Fukuda  Jail Schools & Weapon Instruction Support 515-331-5771
 Donna Hallstrom  MMPI, POST, Proctors, ILEECP, and CTE 515-331-5772
 Lea Hubbard  Secretary 515-331-5776
 Lindsey Mosher  SFST & Regional Academy Support 515-331-5774
 Peter J. Paeth  IT Support 515-331-5779
 Nicole Stevens  Records Clerk, Reserve Liason and Academy Council 515-331-5773
 Rich West  Building Maintenance 515-331-5780
 Jeff Hanna  ILEA Chaplain 515-512-6111