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Iowa Law Enforcement Academy conducts POST cognitive testing and MMPI testing and evaluations for sworn peace officers, civilian jailers, communication specialists, and Reserve peace officers. The testing is conducted at ILEA and at local sites when requested.  The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy will assist sheriffs’ offices and civil service commissions with promotional testing for sworn personnel in sheriffs’ offices. This testing can be conducted at the ILEA or at the local agency.

The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy can make referrals and provide a list of mental health professionals who are experienced in working with law enforcement officers in handling problems both on and off-duty. This includes exposure to critical incidents, chemical dependency problems, marital difficulties, etc. These clinicians can perform Fitness for Duty Assessments and critical incident stress debriefings.

The POST and MMPI is given the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The POST is given at 11 and the MMPI at 1:30. To schedule a test, please call (515) 331-5778.


 January 5, 2021  May 4, 2021  September 7, 2021
 January 19, 2021  May 18, 2021  September 21, 2021
 February 2, 2021  June 1, 2021  October 5, 2021
 February 16, 2021  June 15, 2021  October 19, 2021
 March 2, 2021  July 6, 2021  November 2, 2021
 March 16, 2021  July 20, 2021  November 16, 2021
 April 6, 2021  August 3, 2021  December 7, 2021
 April 20, 2021  August 17, 2021  December 21, 2021


    Administration of Physical Fitness Test at ILEA  $50.00
    Physical performance fee for unsuccessful applicants  $125.00
    Administration of P.O.S.T. at ILEA (includes test booklet)  $100.00
    Administration of P.O.S.T. at site other than ILEA  $75.00
   Administration of M.M.P.I.-2 (Evaluation pending)  $75.00
   Evaluation of M.M.P.I.-2  $150.00
   Administration and Evaluation of M.M.P.I.-2  $200.00
   Transfer of M.M.P.I.-2 to another agency (waiver required)  $50.00
   Sheriff's & Deputies (ISSDA) Promotional Exam (ILEA Scoring-Mailing)  $50.00