Technical Accident Investigation School
Tuesday, November 12 - Friday, November 22, 2019
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Knapp Building - Classroom 304
Directions: 5000 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, IA 50266

You must attend the Advanced Collision Investigation School prior to attending the Technical Accident Investigation Course. However, exceptions can be made if you contact Sergeant Chris Starrett with the Iowa State Patrol at or PBX: (515) 281-4063.

The moments immediately following a traffic crash are crucial, and only a well-trained crash investigator knows how to identify and collect the necessary information at the crash scene and to begin the interpretation of that evidence.

Crash investigators must work quickly and confidently to preserve significant physical results before the crash scene is altered or evidence disappears. They must anticipate what information will be needed for enforcing traffic laws, planning crash prevention programs and possible case litigation. In addition, they must properly document the at-scene information and evidence because once the scene is cleared, the evidence might be impossible to recover.

Techniques for recognizing and properly recording roadway and vehicle crash evidence are thoroughly presented. Students learn to take measurements and photographs of the crash scene and to create sketches and after-crash diagrams. Crash Investigation also addresses how the collected data are used to reconstruct crashes. Finally, the use of electronic devices to collect and record at-scene data is also introduced.

Course Content
• Preparation for traffic crash investigation
• Information from and about people
• Information from vehicles
• Information from roads
• Measuring and mapping the crash scene
• Photographing the crash scene and damaged vehicles

Course Materials
Please bring the following items to class:
• Comfortable outdoor clothing (likely to get dirty) for Week 2 outdoor projects
• Simple calculator with square root key
• Traffic template
• Drawing pencil
• Good eraser
• Note taking items
• Highlighters

Your Iowa Law Enforcement Academy is taking advantage of modern technology. We are moving towards a paperless system. If you have access to a laptop or other device that can support a USB Drive, Microsoft Word and PDF documents, please bring them to class.

Cost: $ 800.00

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